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Boat Decks: Teak vs Synthetic Teak

Keywords : Boat Decking, Synthetic Teak Decking | UPDATED ON : JUN 12, 2019

There are good reasons why the teak yacht industry is very popular throughout the ocean world: it is not only visually pleasing, it is able to hold the aesthetics of any interior or exterior space, but it is also low and very durable.

This makes it the most popular type of wood to date, used to build the outer deck of a yacht. Being able to withstand the splashes of swimming pools and jacuzzi without being affected by any outside factors is a big advantage - in most cases, maintaining a teak deck usually requires only a little salt water.

Boat Decks:Teak vs Synthetic Teak

However, teak is facing the problem of rising costs and increasing scarcity. Demand far exceeds supply, and this trend continues only if the aesthetic and functional advantages of the teak deck remain unbeaten.

Unsurprisingly, the recent synthetic teak market has prospered, and it is widely believed that synthetic teak is actually quite good.

But the owners of the yachts – do they really care about saving a few pounds? What other benefits are there in using synthetic teak? For those who are looking for luxury, would they recommend or even want to use synthetic teak instead of genuine teak?

With the help of some industry experts, we have compiled this guide to help you understand the main differences between real teak and its artificial teak.

In the world of superyachts, budgets are usually not a big deal, but in addition to other benefits, a cost saving can be the icing on the cake when making a decision.


There are many different manufacturers that produce synthetic teak, so the price depends on where you buy it. However, in general, synthetic teak flooring is about 30-50% cheaper than real teak flooring. On a large deck, this can make a big difference and allows the money saved to be invested elsewhere in the yacht.

The price of genuine teak deck reflects its scarcity and desirability, and this alone is enough for many owners and builders to find value for money. It can be said that the real teak deck reflects a higher status than the man-made deck, which is important in any luxury industry.

Product Function

Of course, whether it's a real teak deck or a synthetic teak deck, they all function the same, because they all serve as perfect and stable walking surfaces.

There are also subtleties where the synthetic teak deck will have a higher surface temperature than a real teak deck when exposed to the sun for extended periods of time. Of course, some manufacturers have adopted some methods for this, such as using light colours to help overcome this problem, but we found that they are still hotter than the real teak deck.

Genuine teak has also been well received for its non-slip properties, although synthetic teak decks are generally considered to have greater grip and provide a very solid foundation when the wet.


The synthetic teak deck can be very close to the real thing in appearance and texture, and the untrained person can't see the difference between the two. However, artificial teak does not always pursue a true look, and any artificial teak will bring a certain degree of creative freedom.

This synthetic teak sheet is larger than strip teak and can be processed with any design you want, giving yacht designers great design freedom and creating a modern look. Synthetic teak can move seamlessly across any layout and effectively "draw" the effect you want.

Environmental Impact

Teak is in short supply because of its unique and attractive characteristics.

There are many problems with the sustainability of teak production on sustainability issues, as most of the teak used in yacht production comes from natural forests, mainly from Myanmar. The problem is that the yacht industry has been looking forward to the quality of teak for 10 years, especially the owners of many superyachts, which only accept longer teak and completely straight texture.

This kind of wood can only be produced by cutting down very old, naturally growing rainforest trees, which have been around for centuries, and as the last natural forests are cut down, they are becoming scarcer. It is non-renewable in the short term because each tree takes decades to grow.


One of the reasons why teak is so popular is, first of all, its resistance to elements and its natural oils, which are resistant to algae and mold. It only needs to be washed with salt water and requires little further maintenance. Sunlight turns teak into the kind of "silver gray" we all know. This is often the ideal appearance of a teak deck, and many people recognize the "fake" deck a mile away by color alone.

Although the maintenance of real teak is relatively easy, the producers of artificial teak still claim that they have almost no necessary maintenance.

Synthetic teak has very good resistance to heavy loads and strikes.

The caulking of the teak deck requires separate attention, and poor or poorly maintained caulking can cause a lot of problems, although experienced installers will know this and know how to avoid them.

In conclusion

Whether you choose to use real teak or synthetic teak to decorate the deck, you may be satisfied with your decision. Both options have many benefits and almost no shortcomings.

It is a very beautiful thing to have real teak on board. Wood has been grown and screened for a long time. When an experienced carpenter gets it, it becomes a work of art. The use of aged teak is because it contains natural oils and is a natural preservative that helps remove natural elements such as sea water and the sun. When artificial flooring appeared, there were many areas for improvement. Over the years, consumer opinions have also led manufacturers to produce a more natural artificial appearance and a greater improvement in performance.

Synthetic teak decks offer benefits from a cost and maintenance perspective and can be more easily engraved into the ever-changing dynamic world of yacht design. A word can summarize synthetic materials: it's easier.

Maybe you want to ask some questions about the synthetic teak deck now, you can get in touch with us below, and you can get the quotation and sample of the product if you need it.