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How to Fit a Handrail to Steps

Keywords : Handrail, Garden Fence, WPC Railing | UPDATED ON : JUN 04, 2019

In order for the armrest to fit your pace, you first need to repair the top and bottom notched deck posts. The notched (or slotted) column on the deck has been partially removed to better interface with the steps.

How to fit a handrail to steps

Step 1 :

The columns are accurately measured and marked with squares before cutting.

Use a reciprocating saw or puzzle to score. Use a chisel to remove the weaker part, making sure not to remove more than half of the column, otherwise, you will significantly weaken its structural integrity.

Smooth any rough or trimmed edges with sandpaper and treat with a terminal texture protectant.

Step 2 :

Drive two coach bolts through each post into the step riser.

Position a length of the handrail on the outside face of the posts parallel with the angle of the steps.

Mark with a pencil the line of the outer edges of the posts and cut along this line with a jigsaw.

Bolt the handrail to the posts and check that the edges are neatly flush.

Step 3 :

To attach spindles, fit a base rail in the same way as the handrail. Then cut the spindles to length and screw them in place.

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