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How to Plan Your Decking Project

Keywords : Outdoor Decking, Garden Decking Build | UPDATED ON : JUN 06, 2019

The terrace is essentially an open-air extension of your living space. Separately or attached to the walls of the house, decking creates an ideal outdoor entertaining space, where children play, or just a place to relax outdoors. It also provides a creative solution to common garden problems, such as slopes, or places where there is no grass.

Decking is flexible, allowing you to extend or update features over time, and also allows you to work with fixed devices such as trees or posts that you can't or don't want to remove from the area.

How to Plan Your Decking Project

You don't need to be a carpenter to build a deck - some power tools, a basic kit and some carpentry skills are needed, so in most cases, you can take on the job yourself. Just make sure to carefully plan and check all the metrics during the planning phase and build. The second hand will also be useful.

What do you want to do with your decking?

Do you want to create a place to entertain and socialize? A place where your child can play without being dirty? Or do you want to decorate your hot tub or swimming pool? Knowing what you want to do with your deck will determine everything, From the location to what type of deck you should choose.

How big should your decorative area be?

When it comes to the size of your deck, think about the size of your garden. How much space do you want to cover with the deck? Maybe you like to use the decoration instead of the lawn because it has a low maintenance cost. Or, you might want it to complement and work with your other landscapes, such as paving and lawn, so seek a balance that doesn't overwhelm your space. If in doubt, be conservative in size – you can always expand on a later date.

Recreate your social space

If you want to entertain on your deck, place your garden furniture in the space you are considering decorating. This will give you an approximate space, how much space you may need - don't forget to let space move any chair.

Draw a simple plan for your house and garden and mark where you want to build your deck.

Where do you want to lay the deck?

If your decor is to decorate another feature of the garden, such as a hot tub or swimming pool, then your location has been determined.

Is the ground still has a clear slope?

The horizontal garden provides the simplest conditions for paving the pavement. But even the most difficult or steepest slopes can use the deck.

How close is this place to your home?

The deck works well, near your home and away from it. If you want to walk from home to the deck, there are some important additional considerations that must be made during the installation process, but we will introduce them later in the laying process.

How much sunlight does it have?

The south side of the house provides the most sunlight, but if you want to avoid the sun, choose a cool place.

What can you see from the deck?

Maybe you have a particularly amazing view, you want to look at the house from your deck, or the rear.

Do you have any existing features to use?

From trees to pillars, there is no need to remove anything else from your space to accommodate your deck - just work around them. If it's a tree, it makes sense to study this species, because some trees grow very fast, so you may need more space than you originally expected.

Remember to check underground pipes and cables

Rent a cable avoidance tool (CAT) to inspect any pipe or cable under the proposed deck area. If found, we recommend reconsidering your deck plan.

Planning permission and building regulations?

Building codes, planning permits, and local regulations can be complex and can vary from place to place. Because of this, we are unable to provide detailed advice on these issues.

We recommend that you:

Confirm your project plan with your local planning department before you start.

Talk to any neighbours who may be affected by your deck. Opposition from neighbouring countries is the most common reason why the authorities plan to reject or impose restrictions. So, before taking the next step, take the time to talk to them, explain your plan, and hear what kind of concerns they may have.

Maybe you want to ask some questions about the outdoor deck now, you can get in touch with us below, and you can get the quotation and sample of the product if you need it.