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Co-extrusion decking with excellent outdoor decoration effect

Co-Extrusion Decking

Material: Wood powder + HDPE + Additives
Size: 146X30mm, 140X23mm, 150X25mm, 145X25mm, 140X25mm, 150X22mm

The core of the co-extrusion deck is a traditional wood-plastic composite material. The extrusion surface is made of multi-station plastic with a plastic shell, completely covering the plate in an impermeable protective layer to prevent scratches, stains and discolouration. Extrusion process of the plate with a high degree of durability, durability, resistance to dyeing, fading, impact resistance and other characteristics.

Co-Extrusion Decking Features

* High density/strength,low wear,no swelling, no deformation and no cracking,breaking strength reach 40Mpa, which is twice of WPC industry standard
* Clean and good appearance. Can be treated as ordinary wood, such as can be nailed, planed, sawed, drilled, no need for painting
* Has the natural and realistic texture and appearance of wood
* Water / corrosion / moth / bacteria / inflammation / wear / aging / termites resistance, anti-static, anti-uv, non-toxic, produce no pollution
* Easy to install and low labor cost
* Longer service time and lower cost of maintenance than that of wood
* 100% recycled materials, environment protection

Sample Co-extrusion decking for outdoor garden installation

A deck with a co-extruded surface is a deck that has a scratch resistance that is around 3 to 4 times better than normal decking. What’s more, the water absorption of this option is 0% as opposed to around 2%, which is normal. And you also get an expansion rate which is lower than normal composite decking. All of these benefits are topped off with a wood brushing effect, that looks incredibly natural and attractive.
So all in all, what you get is an end product that will last and last for years without colour fade and without damage.

Excellent waterproof outdoor Co-extrusion decking

Factory and Transport

High quality with various standard regulations customer service All products to be ensured satisfying State wood-plastic industry standards. Meanwhile, according to the characteristics of the products, special enterprise standards are specially made,Care for the detail, quality control for the subtle. Every calling from customer is the help for us to get some improvements and we will sincerely accept every client's feedback and solve the problem.

factory and transport

Product Model

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  • co-extrusion decking STC-138H23-A


  • co-extrusion decking STC-138H23-B


  • co-extrusion decking STC-138S23


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