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Deep Embossed Decking

Deep Embossed Decking

Material: Wood + HDPE + Additives
Function: crack-resistant, waterproof, anti-termite, longer life than wood

Best deep Embossed Decking type of products environmental protection, easy to install, very low maintenance requirements. The unique composite wood formula looks and feels like natural wood, but has more durable deck durability. Innovative underground fixation systems mean that no nails or screws need to pass through the deck itself to help you maintain a uniform, barefoot friendly deck.

Deep Embossed Decking Features

* With natural wood grain and looks like nature wood, less timber problems
* 90% recycled materials, environmental friendly, saving forest resources
* Easy to install and low labor cost
* High degree of UV and color stability
* Cutting and drilling like timber
* Weather resistant, suitable from -40 ℃ to 60℃
* Resistant to termite and insect attack, will not split, rot or warp

Deep Embossed Decking feature

New technology deep embossing WPC outdoor decoration floor, deep embossing isn't a solely associate upgrade of look, however conjointly represents the promotion of performance.
Deep embossing provides you with a different experience. Each floor is such as a sculpture, and therefore the inventive atmosphere and aesthetic degree are greatly improved. Compared with the directional sorption of groove surface, the sorption direction of deep embossing surface is a lot of varied. The deep wood grain is written directly into the wood plastic floor surface from the Extruder, and therefore the surface texture is clearer and a lot of sturdy.

Deep Embossed Decking project

Factory and Transport

High quality with various standard regulations customer service All products to be ensured satisfying State wood-plastic industry standards. Meanwhile, according to the characteristics of the products, special enterprise standards are specially made,Care for the detail, quality control for the subtle. Every calling from customer is the help for us to get some improvements and we will sincerely accept every client's feedback and solve the problem.

factory and transport

Product Model

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  • deep embossed decking STD-140H23


  • deep embossed decking STD-140S23


  • deep embossed decking STD-150H25


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