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Different color hollow floor mounting

Hollow Decking

Material: Poplar wood, Wood powder + HDPE + Additives
Dimension: grey / black / chocolate / brown / coffee / nature / teak / walnut

Hollow decking material weigh far less than their sturdy counterparts. You can also more easily transport and locate circuit boards. In some areas, extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations can cause solid plates to expand or contract over time. This loosens the fasteners and sometimes causes warping. Hollow decking material are not susceptible to these changes, thus extending their service life.

WPC Hollow Decking Features

* Looks like natural wood
* water-proof, Anti-slip, Corrosion-resistant
* Durable and firm due to it's high density
* High degree of UV and color stability
* Easy to install and low labor cost
* No need for painting/glue, low cost on maintenance
* 100% recycled materials, environment protection
* Temperature durability: -40℃-60℃

Installed in Thailand area of the outdoor hollow floor

The client's hobby is different, some people like wood grain lacquer, some people like to have groove. We put the two different styles on the same board.
On one side are realistic wood grain adornment, look very natural, and on the other side is contemporary style groove design.
These boards mean that you can choose the style that suits your floor. Of course, there's nothing to stop you from changing your mind over the course of a few years. If you want to, flip the floor over.

Production model drawing of hollow floor model

Factory and Transport

High quality with various standard regulations customer service All products to be ensured satisfying State wood-plastic industry standards. Meanwhile, according to the characteristics of the products, special enterprise standards are specially made,Care for the detail, quality control for the subtle. Every calling from customer is the help for us to get some improvements and we will sincerely accept every client's feedback and solve the problem.

factory and transport

Product Model

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  • wpc hollow decking ST-100H25


  • wpc hollow decking ST-140H25-A


  • wpc hollow decking ST-150H25-C


Note : you may not be able to give an accurate representation of the color due to studio photography or your viewing device.
To see the color in person – please order free sample packaging.

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