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synthetic teak decking product case

Synthetic Teak Decking

Material: Poplar wood, Wood powder + HDPE + Additives
Dimension: grey / black / chocolate / brown / coffee / nature / teak / walnut

Our synthetic teak decking by a professional team to design, manufacture and installation, they will be modern architectural technology combined with traditional manual finishing, to make it in the look and feel of real teak deck almost indistinguishable, now can be used as a standard, has the high quality of particle and improve performance. The artificial teak deck is a low maintenance artificial teak board that looks exactly like the real teak deck and you can email us now and get free samples.

Synthetic Teak Decking Features

* Synthetic teak decking is an excellent alternative to the traditional wooden / teak decking
* It looks like the real teak but need very little maintenance, which saves us much time and money
* It's easy to look after & it doesn't lose its good looks to the harsh conditions & sunlight
* It can be fixed to almost any surface including GRP, steel & timber
* Due to it's very subtle textured surface exterior & flexibility of the compound you will discover that Synthetic teak decking is impressively no slip - Even when getting wet
* It's very easy to install, normal PVC flooring glue will be all that needed

synthetic teak decking product model post

The synthetic teak deck is cheaper than the real teak deck and the material cost is very low. Installation is also relatively simple, can be quickly completed laying installation. Because installation is simple, the labour cost during this period will also be reduced. In a few months after the installation of synthetic teak, it will become more like real teak. And anti-skid performance is very good.
The synthetic teak decking is not afraid of ultraviolet radiation, as a synthetic material, synthetic teak deck absorbs more heat than the real teak deck, so it may become very hot under high temperature, but you can choose light-coloured products to help reduce the absorption of temperature.

synthetic teak decking product installation case

Factory and Transport

High quality with various standard regulations customer service All products to be ensured satisfying State wood-plastic industry standards. Meanwhile, according to the characteristics of the products, special enterprise standards are specially made,Care for the detail, quality control for the subtle. Every calling from customer is the help for us to get some improvements and we will sincerely accept every client's feedback and solve the problem.

factory and transport

Product Model

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  • synthetic teak decking QZ-EB


  • synthetic teak decking QZG-EB


  • synthetic teak decking QZ-STB


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